Activities of IG-WRDRR

Publications of IG-WRDRR
Activities of IG-WRDRR from 2009 to 2013
  This report written by Yukio Tamura, Yuichi Ono and Shuyang Cao provided a summary of the activities of IG-WRDRR during 2009 o 2013.
Annual report of IG-WRDRR in 2011
  This report consists of five sections. Sections 1.0 and 2.0 introduce briefly the necessity and recent activities of IG-WRDRR. Sections 3.0 and 4.0 illustrate the Saffir-Simpson Scale and Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale that are used to describe the intensity of hurricanes and tornados. Finally, Section 5.0 introduces an engineering Virtual Organization for Reducing Toll of EXtreme Winds on Society (VORTEX-Winds).
Brochures on Preparedness for Wind-Related Hazards in Haiti (English version) (French version)
  The Haiti Earthquake occurred on January 12, 2010, and caused severe damage to the Port-au-Prince area. Fatalities numbered almost 200,000. Haiti is located in a strong hurricane-prone region, and it faced a hurricane season following the severe earthquake damage, which made it more vulnerable to wind hazards. Thus, IG-WRDRR prepared brochures in English and French in March, 2010, to warn Haitians about the possibility of coming wind related hazards as well as to provide them with basic guidelines for mitigation. The brochure recommended that local people and authorities have a “Preparedness Plan” for wind-related disaster prevention and reduction. These brochures were distributed to Haitians, central and local governments of Haiti, UN organizations and other supporting and donor agencies in various ways.
Summary of the International Forum on Tornado Disaster Risk Reduction for Bangladesh
Geographical features, population density, poverty, and limited resources pose challenges to Tornado Disaster Risk Reduction. It is hoped that our efforts have increased awareness about the devastating effects of tornadoes on the people and economy of Bangladesh. We owe it to those people from the districts of Tangail and Manikganj whose voices we heard on 13 December 2009, as well as to all the people of Bangladesh to move forward, - to guide policies, aid in planning, and implement an effective warning system and a comprehensive tornado preparedness program that will mitigate risks and losses to people and property from tornadoes that strike in Bangladesh.